Change Your Life Series! – Part 2 – Habits are Powerful!

Uncategorized     by Caleb Muhlenkamp

Change Your Life! Is it possible? Why would you do it? How hard is it? Is it worth it?

Not only is it possible to change your life, it is impossible for your life not to change. Similarly, over time you will form habits. Some may be good, some bad, and some a little of both. Over time, what you do consistently becomes your personality, so it is very important to pay attention to the habits that we are forming.

Often times it is said that you can tell what is most important to a person by paying attention to WHEN they do different things. People take care of their highest priorities first. With that being said, if there is something that you want to make more of a priority in your life you should consider trying to do something related to the topic right away in the morning, every morning.

We all already have habits in place, some of them we may not be proud of. It is very hard to stop a bad habit, but often times a person can be more successful if they instead try to find a positive habit to replace it with.

Thank you.



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