Follow The Truth Wherever It Leads (Does God Exist?)

Online Courses & Series, Personal - My Spirit     by Dan Muhlenkamp

I created this course, and I’m not claiming to be unbiased. This course did stem from a real life experience for me though.

I was a devout Christian from a very young age and had very seldom reconsidered my faith. When my children started to go to college I quickly learned that they stopped believing in God completely. I was shocked, but I did realize I had never prepared them to look at the evidence in a logical manner, and had not done that myself. I had great admiration for my children’s thinking ability. I also was tortured with worry and grief. I decided I needed to know the truth, whatever it was and it had to make sense…a lot of sense!

I spent a year veraciously consuming the arguments on both sides. I even studied philosophy and logic to make sure I was using clear thinking.

I finally came to the conclusion that it was not a close argument at all. It appeared to me the evidence was overwhelming.  The course is free and has a demo – what to you have to lose beside your doubts?

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