Life is unpredictable. Life insurance protects your loved ones in the case of your untimely passing

No one wants to think about their death. But, it is unfortunately a fact that we are all mortal beings with limited time on this earth. When you pass away, there can be significant costs associated with medical care and funeral costs. And, your family will likely have lifestyle changes that will happen.

Life insurance exists to protect your family from extraordinary costs and help them continue to live life after your death.

Many people have a policy through their employer. While it can be a good benefit to take advantage of, it is often not enough to be your only policy.

Why a workplace policy isn’t enough:
  • They typically only cover your salary for a year or two–it will get your family by for a little while, but that money won’t go very far
  • After you pass, your family’s lifestyle may have to change–child care for example may have to be reevaluated
  • After funeral expenses are covered, there probably won’t be much left for anything else
  • If you leave your place of employment, the convertible policy will not be a good policy–the premium will be much higher because you are breaking off from the group rate

Here’s our recommendation. If your employer offers it, yes, you should take the coverage. But you should also look into getting something individualized that will truly help your family after you pass. The best time to do this is when you are young and healthy. You’ll never get it at a better rate.

To ensure you family is cared for properly, we advise as a bare minimum 10 years of your salary, plus any expenses your family would have, including the funeral costs, any debts, and your mortgage. Covering all of these expenses protects your family from unexpected costs and the struggle of finding money during an already challenging time.

When we get you a quote, we will be asking you some questions related to your health to get a baseline of how healthy you are and how your coverage may be affected. Most people think they are in great health. But, this isn’t always accurate and little things that you think aren’t a big deal may make a difference in your policy.

I’ve been declined, or I think I may be declined for life insurance. I don’t have any options.

You do have options. In the case you have been declined for life insurance, we may be able to talk to your employer and set up a plan that will benefit not only you, but your coworkers as well. It may not be the total amount you need, but it can give you a good start to getting some of the coverage your family would need.

If you have not been declined yet, but think you might be, please come talk to us. We have access to many, many companies and we want to help you find a solution. We will challenge underwriters, try different companies, and fight for you to get a policy in place.

Let’s simplify life insurance

So many people don’t know or understand what their life insurance policy means. Most don’t know the difference between whole and term life insurance or how long their policy is in force for.

When you come to us with a quote, we’re going to get a feel for you, your family, and your goals. Then, we’ll help you figure out what the policy will do for you.

There is a lot of value in having an agent explain the specific details of your plan and policy. Plus, we’re always here for you. Your life will change. Maybe you’ll buy a bigger house, a new child will be born, or an expense or income changes. When that happens, we’ll be here for you to help you decide what will be best for your family.

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