Safe Driver Rewards

Get up to a 30 percent discount on your premium!

The Safe Driver Rewards program saves you money for being safe on the road

Car insurance can be expensive. That’s why a lot of people choose to take advantage of different programs that reduce the premium on their car insurance bill. One great program that can help drivers save money is the Safe Driver Rewards program. Based on the name, you can probably figure out what it is. The safer you drive, the more you save!

How it works

The safe driver rewards program works by collecting basic information about how you drive. Some companies use an app; others use a device that’s plugged into the car. Through these means, they’ll gather some info on how fast you drive, what time of day you drive, and if you break hard or accelerate fast. They will also monitor if you are using your phone while driving (in your hand, hands-free is fine).

It does not track or share your location or what you’re doing. Your Google Maps app, on the other hand, probably is! So there is no worry about your insurance company tracking where you are or selling your info. All it’s going to do is get a baseline for how you typically drive.

All about the savings

If you’re already a safe driver, or maybe need a little incentive to be a more cautious driver, this program will, of course, save you money by giving you a discount on your premium. Just for signing up, you can expect to save between 5 and 10 percent.

Then, based on your driving habits, you could earn up to a 30 percent discount, sometimes even more!

That’s if you’re an exceptional driver, though. The average driver gets about 15 to 18 percent. If you have a lot of drivers, this can really add up! One of our own teammates here at Preferred Insurance Center, the lovely Kelly Heitkamp, has three teen drivers in the house. By using the Safe Driver Rewards program, she saves more than $700 per year on her insurance!

Most people like saving money, so those who have good driving habits are thrilled. And, by using such a program you can form better habits by incentivizing yourself to drive safely. (It’s great for when you’re trying to teach youngsters to drive safe, too).

How to get started

First and foremost, you’ll want to talk to an agent who can do some research and make sure the program is a good fit for you. Our team can pair you with the best car insurance company and get you the best premium and discounts. If the Safe Driver Rewards program ends up being right for you, you will be signed up with the insurance company, who will then send you an email or text to finish up the signup process and help you download the app or plug in the device. That’s it! All you have to do is be a careful driver and earn yourself a nice discount.