Change Your Life Series! – Intro – Is It Possible? Worth It?

Mental Health, Online Courses & Series, Personal - My Mind, Success Personal     by Dan Muhlenkamp

Change Your Life! Is it possible? Why would you do it? How hard is it? Is it worth it?

Not only is it possible to change your life, it is impossible for your life not to change. The thing about your life is that it works a lot like an airplane in flight.

Just like an airplane in flight, your life is moving (changing) in one direction or another. It may be going up, down, or sideways but it is moving (changing). True airplanes can’t hover in one place and neither can you. As monotonous as your life may seem, you and it are moving and changing.

The world and its atmosphere work to pull your airplane, and your life, down. My observation is that much of what happens in our life here on Earth is not uplifting and fulfilling. Just as the combined forces of gravity and atmospheric friction try to slow an airplane down, nature brings us down and beats us up.

If an airplane in flight allows the forces around it to pull it wherever and however they like, the airplane will crash. Nothing else is possible. Your life is just like that. If you supply the fuel or energy to move (work), you can fly against the forces of this world. It takes a lot of work to rise, a lot less to stay level. but not enough work, and you fall. You can glide for a little bit, but if you keep gliding, you will crash.

An airplane needs a pilot, and the only pilot you have for you life’s airplane is you. You’re it! Your life is either directed by you on a flight plan you have chosen, or it is like a plane without a pilot (which is likely to crash). You are in control. Storms may come and blow you off course but in the end, you are the pilot.

I remember going to a counselor when I was 19. My life was crashing. I started to tell him about my abusive father and crazy household etc. etc. The counselor listened for a little bit, then stopped me. “Did you notice I’m not writing any of this down?” he asked. “In my office you don’t get to blame anything about your life on anyone but yourself. It is your life and all of your words, thoughts and actions are under your control. You can live your life well or you can live it poorly, but in my office you will be accountable for your own life, so I want to here about what you did, what you learned, and most importantly, what you are going to do.”  That moment changed everything for me.

So…yes it is possible to change your life. You should change it because if you don’t pilot that airplane, it will likely crash. It will take work, but you can lift your plane. And it is worth it, because if you don’t work at changing your life, you are going to crash.

This is Part 1 !

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