What is the Success Center?

It was early spring. Everyone at work thought I was visiting a prospect and my wife at home thought I was at work. I was sitting in my van in the deserted parking lot of a local state park…in tears.

I sat there, crying, till my wife came and brought me home. My life wasn’t going anywhere and my business was just “plodding” along. Life was not fulfilling. I sat at home thinking about how my wife, children and coworkers deserved so much more. I wasn’t sure what “more” was, but they deserved it.

I decided to spend a month vigorously learning what “more” was, and the rest is history. I read everything I could and God blessed my futile efforts. When the month was over I was infected with the learning bug and off to the races.

Now I honestly tell people all the time that I doubt there is a single person in all the world who has a better life than me. I “passionately live an eternally fulfilling adventure”, and it is amazing. Over the years I have been blessed with help from fantastic people and come across incredible resources.

We hope and pray that this Success Center will find a way to share what we have been given so we all may “passionately live eternally fulfilling adventures”.

Dan Muhlenkamp