Weekly PPS Planning Sheet

Business, Commercial, Living Adventures     by Dan Muhlenkamp

Several of you who finished the Purpose + Process = Success group expressed interest in using the weekly planning sheet my good friend Dan Break uses. Dan is unavailable right now but I took some liberties and made a few changes to make the sheet work with the manual a little better. I know I’m not doing this justice and will ask Dan to do a video about the sheet and how he uses it, but till I can make this happen I hope this helps some of you.  Download the sheet and watch the video, and PLEASE give me your feedback!

I have changed it just a little from the video, but I think you’ll figure it out!

Download Purpose Process Success Weekly Pocket **SPREADSHEET

Download Purpose Process Success Weekly Pocket PDF

**The is Excel with 2 tabs (front and back). This allows you to customize it and change it as you want. Perhaps put in some permanent appointments etc.



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