Things To Know If You’ve Been Denied for Life Insurance

Life     by NOW_Marketing_Group_2019

Have you been denied life insurance or are you afraid you might be denied? What you need to know now.

Life insurance? More like love insurance. Truly, it’s something you get because of your loved ones. It’s to protect and help them in the case of your death. You want them to be set once you’re gone from this earth, not have to worry or stress about paying bills and planning an expensive funeral. 

But, sometimes, we have certain pre-existing conditions that make it hard for companies to insure us. They deem you high-risk. A company might even deny you entirely. Yikes. 

If you’ve been there, it might feel like the end of the road. What can you do once you’ve been denied?

Don’t worry, it’s not the end

Just because you’ve been denied, doesn’t mean you’re stuck. We’ve worked with a lot of companies and in a lot of situations. Sometimes, it’s a bit like dating. Just because one person turns you down for dinner, doesn’t mean you’ll eat alone forever. 

You’re going to want to shop around. Some companies are more lenient about certain things. Our team knows what those things are and which companies accept which people. That’s why you really need to talk to an expert.

If you think you’re going to get declined, talk to an expert first

If you suspect you may get declined, talk to an expert before you apply. Avoiding the actual decline can help you in the long run and we often know how to talk to both clients and companies to get it right the first time. Instead of finding a single company, finding someone like Preferred Insurance who can act as a bridge between numerous companies can be extremely helpful in this case.

Even if you have already been denied, it’s important to seek out someone who can help. Actually, it’s even more important that you talk to someone. It’s truly not the end of the world, likely we can find someone to insure you. But, it’ll be a lot easier on your part if you have someone advocating and fighting for you. And, it’ll be quicker, because we can go through multiple companies faster than you can.  

If you have an employer you can talk to, we can probably get you even more options 

There are programs that exist to make it possible for almost anyone who works as a full-time employee (at least 25 hours per week) to get serious life insurance of their own. To be honest, this isn’t a rare problem. In fact, you likely have coworkers in the same situation you are. Your employer may be able to offer a program that covers those who have been denied or would be traditionally denied. 

The program we can offer in particular works great for families who have experienced cancer, heart disease, and other similar conditions. 

Family Life Insurance Planning gives employees the chance to get a truly professional review of their personal “love” insurance. It’s a guaranteed issue with a choice between types of insurance. They can get it for their entire family. If this sounds like something your company would be into, send them our way.

Are you looking into life insurance? Afraid you might be denied or have even been denied in the past? Don’t let it get to you. You still have options. We are here to work for you to find the best solution for your situation. Give us a ring, talk to our team. We’ll help you.


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