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Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld


My Mother, My hero.

Where do you even begin to write about a person that words can’t fully describe. I will admit it, I was a mama’s boy through and through. I talked to my mom multiple times a day. When I was happy, Sad, upset or overjoyed. I could tell my mother just about anything. She always knew what to say to help me get through. I truly miss her everyday. We always say when someone passes that “it will get easier” but I don’t believe that. Even though the shock of her loss is less, the hole in my heart is still there just as the day she passed. My mother fought hard with Breast cancer for 12 years. It was a long hard fight. My mother did not give up even in her final breath. A true warrior in her own rite.

 She was the funniest and goofiest person I knew. Whether it was how she sang Shania Twain when it came on the radio (I’m sure people who knew her will chuckle at this one) or the way she would talk to my kids. She loved life and loved every person she met. She was great Mother and an even better grandmother. I know in time we will meet again. Breast cancer awareness month has a special meaning for me and I’m sure 1,000’s of others. Someday I hope we find a cure but until then, Lets fight the good fight, Hug the people in life that mean the most to us and enjoy our short time we have here on earth. Mom, I Love you, Miss you and can’t wait to see you!!!

Andy Kremer


Check out our Give Breast Cancer the Boot campaign!


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