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The dormant season is a great time to trim or prune your shrubs and trees.

The leaves have fallen and the branches can be easily seen now. For newly installed plants, wait 3-6 months after planting to trim. Only remove broken, damaged, or diseased limbs during planting. Deciduous plants should be thinned out rather than sheared or cut back. Thinning is done by cutting off a branch where it is attached to the main stem. Unlike shearing, which causes plants to have a leggy appearance, thinning maintains the natural habit of growth of a plant.

Use of hand pruners and hedge sheers are acceptable. No more than 1/3 of the plant should be removed at one time. Do NOT Top Trees!

Summer flowering plants should be pruned in March when dormant.

Spring flowering plants should be pruned/trimmed right after flowering to prevent flower bud loss for the following year.

Also deadhead spent flower blossoms and remove dead, diseased or broken branches. Evergreens such as fir, pine and spruce trees require little pruning, unless you want to control their size or improve their fullness. For more information on our to prune visit:

To request a pruning program, contact Uhlenhake Landscape & Design for questions.
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