What Should My Baby be Eating at Their Age?

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baby eating

Got anything besides milk Mom? When it’s time to transition to solid foods, you may feel a little uncertain about exactly what you should be giving your baby. Generally, you can use the following guide to help with food progression when your pediatrician gives you the okay to introduce solids.



Age 4-6 months

  • 4-6 bottles of milk per day or breastfed 4-6 times per day
  • A few tablespoons of baby cereal and fruit and vegetable baby food

Age 7 months

  • Feeding 3-5 times per day
  • continue with baby cereal
  • increase fruit and vegetable baby food intake
  • start adding meat baby food, protein baby food, and natural juices
  • some finger food

Age 8 months

  • Relatively the same but include larger portions and incorporate more finger foods

Age 9 months

  • Begin to serve adult food that has been smashed or mashed up (like cooked pasta, cooked carrots, sliced chicken)
  • Small amounts of yogurt, cottage cheese, and egg may be added

Age 10-12 months

  • Should be down to 3-4 bottles per day
  • Begin to add starchy foods like noodles and mashed potatoes

Above 1 year of age

  • Baby should be eating a wide variety of foods
  • Do not include some foods such as hot dogs, nuts, or foods that could cause choking hazards like popcorn, raw veggies, whole grapes, or hard fruits until they are older.

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