What Are the Benefits of Telecommuting?

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement, Risk Management     by Matt House

Telecommuting is a growing trend with so much business being done on the Internet. This unconventional style of working has many benefits for employees, and increased job satisfaction often leads to better work, so it is advantageous for employers as well.

One great benefit of telecommuting is the amount of time and gas money saved by not having to drive to work in the morning. This can be very significant if an employee lives in a busy city or commutes from a distance of 30 miles or more. The money saved on gas can be socked away into a savings account, and with the lack of travel time, employees can sleep in later and still be working earlier than they normally would be.

Not only does telecommuting save gas money, is also reduces the amount of money that must be spent on clothes for work. If all work is done at home, there is no need to dress up. Furthermore, telecommuters don’t face the temptation of buying expensive and unhealthy lunches at work, so they generally spend less money on food, and it’s often better for them.

Another benefit is that many people work better when they have control over their environment. For introverts, an office environment can be particularly detrimental to productivity. If such a person works from home, they can have all the solitude they want, especially if they set up a special room as an office. They can also make that room as comfortable and practical as possible so that they will work better.

Many parents find it difficult to work, but telecommuters can do their job from home with the kids present. Of course, they will not be able to engage the children much during work hours, but they will be on hand in case they are needed. This can create peace of mind and dramatically reduce child care costs. Clearly, telecommuting is a work option that can have far-ranging benefits.


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