Wedding Website 101

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Weddings have been pretty cut-and-dry for the past hundred or so years, but luckily, the thing that is changing them now is technology! Whilst the visionaries among us rejoice, the rest of us might be a little bit in the dark when it comes to these “wedding websites.” Good for you, Preferred Life is here to help! Here are some tips on how to make a great wedding website for free!

Find the Right Wedding website

There are hundreds of websites out there that can help you easily create your own beautiful wedding website. Many of these websites cost a fee to use, but there are also many which are free. I would suggest using ether The Knot or because they both are free with options for a paid “premium” version. They both have many features and themes to choose from and make it easy to create a fantastic website.

Let People Know What to Expect.

You don’t have to inform people how to be a wedding guest! They all already know how the traditional wedding goes, but you should inform them on your website about anything that would be out of the ordinary at your wedding. Tell them if the wedding or reception will be outside or if the ceremony will be standing room only. Let them know if you happen to have a cash bar or any sort of theme for your guests to follow. Nothing is worse for a guest than if they show up to a party feeling they had missed important information.

 Keep Registries Simple!small wedding reception

Your wedding website is a fantastic place to put your wedding registry! Let’s be honest, the registry is probably the primary reason why someone is coming to your website in the first place! Simply embed a link to your registry on any website with a small explanation as to your registry choice(s), and your guess will be sure to thank you for making it simple!

Online RSVP.

Most wedding websites come with online RSVP software. This is a great tool for that one (or many) guest(s) who always forgets to send in the RSVP card. It will also save you HOURS of calling people one month before the wedding just to make SURE they’re coming.

Don’t Forget the Biggies!

wedding cakeMost likely, people are coming to your website to find out these things;

  • If it’s a cash bar.
  • How to get to the ceremony.
  • What gift to give you.
  • What time it starts.
  • To get a rough idea of what to wear.

So make sure to state that information clearly and make it so that it’s easy to find!

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