Few tips to kick-start your fundraiser

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld


Running a fundraiser is not always as easy as 1-2-3. Believe me, we know first hand! Below are several tips that will help kick start your fundraiser that we found very helpful from www.convio.com.

Tip #1: Start early.
The sooner you start asking for donations, the more money you will raise. As soon as you register to become a fundraiser, get organized and start asking!

Tip #2: Set a challenging but attainable goal.
Your fundraising goal should be a stretch, but doable. If you are getting close to your goal, then raise it so people continue to donate.

 Tip #3: Contact everyone you know.
Start with your email address book, then your regular address book and member lists from clubs you belong to. You’ll be surprised who gives!

Tip #4: Customize your emails.
Make the email template yours! Include a personal story — why you’re raising money, why it’s important to you, and where the money goes.

Tip #5: Create an email schedule and stick to it.
Set dates to send a first email announcing your participation, a second email asking for donations, an update email, and a ‘last chance’ email.

Want to find out more ways to boost your fundraiser? Click here to discover more tips!





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