Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alexis Muhlenkamp

So you want to take your two-year-old on their first vacation? Here are some great ideas for keeping them under some form of control in a new environment.

Keep Them Off of Sweetshealthy snacks

The worst thing is entering a strange new city with a child on a sugar rush. So pack them snacks such as cheese, crackers, and fruit. Resist the temptation to keep them going with sugar, and bring them snacks that will keep them happy, not hyper.

Buy a Child Locator.

Toddlers aren’t dogs, they don’t enjoy walking on a leash or any thing that keeps them from being free to wander so invest in a small unit you can strap onto their belt or shoe s you can find them after that one second you took your eyes off of them. We’re not saying you don’t have to watch your kid, but make sure you have a plan to find them if the do get lost. You should also write you’re mobile number on their arm so if someone else finds them before you they know who to call.

Plan for Extra Time

It generally takes longer to get places with little kids in tow, so plan extra time between place “A” and place “B” for them to explore the new surroundings.

Family Airport Travel

Family Airport Travel

Apps are Your Friends

There are thousands of child-friendly apps around nowadays! Their colorful feel will keep your kid entertained for hours and hours! these are great for long car and plane rides.

Kids Shouldn’t Pack Their own Backpacks

Of course they should have some input, but you don’t want it to end up too heavy for them because they wanted to pack their pet rock “just in case.” Highly monitor what they put in their pack and put in all of the things they forgot and will DEFINITELY will want once they’re there.

Here are some good ideas on how to keep your toddler under control in an unfamiliar place such as going on vacation.

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