Tips for Cleaning Water Out of Your Basement

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Whether the water in your basement is from a torrential downpour or a burst pipe, the quicker you can get the water out, the fewer complications you are likely to have.

Safety first
One of the first things you should do before you start cleaning up the wet mess in your basement is to shut off the power. Electricity and water don’t mix, and working in a wet basement with live electricity is a recipe for disaster. You also want to protect yourself from what might be in the water. If it’s outside water from a flood or a backed up sewer, the water could be full of pathogens, so you want to put on rain boots or waders and wear a mask and gloves.

Determine where the water came from
If your basement is being flooded by a failed water heater or burst pipe, you may need to shut off the water to your home.

Air it out
Open any windows that are above the water level to let in fresh air. Also open any doors that lead outside. This will also speed up the water-removal and evaporation process.

Get the water out quickly
If you have just a few inches of water in your basement, you may be able to remove it yourself with a wet-dry vacuum. However, if the water is waist high or higher, you are probably going to need the services of a professional basement water removal company.

Get rid of damaged things
Even clean water from a burst pipe can wreak havoc on your basement. While you can try to dry out your carpet, it is probably best to remove it. You also may need to cut out and replace drywall that got wet, because this is a prime breeding ground for mold. Use fans and humidifiers to thoroughly dry out studs and concrete to prevent problems caused by moisture.

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