The Leadership Letters: Mine Maze

All, Business, Success Solutions     by Alexis Muhlenkamp

This is a teamwork activity that focuses on being able to differentiate the wrong path from the right path, quite literally. Your team members are paired up and need to help each other get through a “mine field” made of tables and chairs!

Materials you will need;S1200017

  • LOTS of tables and chairs
  • blindfolds (Half of the people participating)
  • a large open room

How to play;

  1. scatter the tables and chairs all over the room, yes we mean ALL over the room (barely enough for a person to find their way through them) DO NOT let those participating to see the room or help set it up.
  2. Pair off the participants
  3. Let the pair choose which one of them will be blindfolded.
  4. Blindfold the person and have the blindfolded person lead them to the room.
  5. line all of the people up on a wall with their partner.
  6. Pick a spoS1200018t on the opposite wall the the blindfolded people have to touch, like a door, a window, or a poster. (We chose our red door.)
  7. The un-blindfolded  person has to guide the blindfolded person to that object without them touching a “mine” (any chair, table, or other person. (If they touch any of these things, they must start over back at the start wall)
  8. The un-blindfolded people have to stay back against the starting wall and tell the blindfolded people where to go.
  9. From here on IT’S A RACE! GO GO GO!!



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