The 4 Keys And 4 Chemicals

All, Living Adventures     by Dan Muhlenkamp

The Personal Keys

  • Purpose – Dopamine (Important goal we work toward) – Oxytocin if the purpose is good and outside of ourselves. Serotonin if it is a purpose we are proud of and other will help us succeed at.
  • Connect – Serotonin & Oxytocin
  • Progress – Dopamine, endorphins
  • Control – It is the regulator. We can’t trigger any of the above if we have no control.

4 Chemical Keys we produce that control our moods

  • Endorphins – Mask pain, encourage physical exertion, keep us going when exhausted, and laughing!
  • Dopamine – This is a reward for making progress on something we see as important. Complete a task, finish a project.
    • Goals must be tangible – see them.
    • The Bad: Highly addictive – Also produced by social media, gambling, alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, most addictive drugs. Even drugs that are not addictive themselves may affect dopamine levels (marijuana is example)
    • It is instantaneous & short lived – hence addictive
    • Long term effect is opposite, causing increased stimulating need.
  • Serotonin – The Leadership Chemical – The feeling of pride. What we get when we think others respect us. Makes us feel strong and confident.
    • It is created when we interact with others for good.
      • When others help us move toward accomplishing something good we get a shot of serotonin because they are expressing that we and our cause are worthwhile.
      • When we do something to help someone else, or someone we have helped accomplishes something good and worthwhile, we get a shot of serotonin.
      • It is boosted both in crowds and in performers during shows etc.
    • Drugs to boost serotonin are among the most prescribed in the world.
  • Oxytocin – The Love Chemical We Love – creates the social groups and is why we need those social groups.
    • This is the feeling of Love, Friendship and Deep Trust
      • It is long term and fueled by long-term activity
      • Good physical contact increases effectiveness (handshake)
    • It is release with acts of generosity and good will.
      • We get a hit when we do the act, but we even get a hit when we see such an act being done.
      • Hence people who volunteer and generally much happier people.
        • As part of the group they get to both be generous and see those around them being generous.
        • This actually “snowballs” as we end up making friends with the people we “do good” with and witness each other doing good even more often. T

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