#TBT Preferred Insurance Style!!

All, Business, Get Involved     by Stacy Lochtefeld

After going through some old photos, I guess Preferred Insurance have some #TBT catching up to do! With times changing, so are we…along with everyone else. We have gained a few new faces within the past year. But lets not forget about those “original faces” we have seen constant throughout the years!

So lets start with this gem!roger tbt

I think this proves it: A fine man is like a fine wine, he gets better with time! There’s something different about these photos…Roger, did you get new glasses??

tbt group photo 2013team-pic


These previous 3 photos are PROOF that time flies! They were all taken in the past year and a half! We all kind of chuckled on how everyone individually changed within the year. Even how hair can make a drastic difference!

Speaking of hair….


Well, hair looks good on you Chris! 🙂 Chris was sharing with the team the other day how a client was recently in the office and Chris gave him a business card. Which had the photo of him on the left. The client then told Chris “you could at least given me a card with a photo of you on it!”  Certainly have to do a double take on these two photos!


We would love to hear which photo is your favorite #TBT photo?

Do you have any dramatic #TBT photos? We would love to check them out!


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