Summer Job Ideas for Students

All, Business     by Matt House

The summer season is the perfect time to earn some money by obtaining a seasonal job position. There are many different summer jobs out there just waiting for you. However, the summer is also a very competitive time to score one of these highly-wanted jobs, so it is best to get your applications in early and to spread the word about your job search in advance.

Students of all ages can spend their days off from school earning a little extra pocket money that can either be put into savings for college or a new car, or spent on fun summer activities with friends and family. These summer job ideas will give you a better idea of what type of positions are currently out there.

Nanny Services
The summer is one of the most popular seasons for working parents to search for caregivers for their children. Although their children may be out of school for the season, parents still need to work in order to provide for their family. If you enjoy being around children of all ages, you can spend your summer as a nanny. Spend your time playing with the kids, preparing meals and even going on family outings with the kids and their parents. Nanny jobs in your area can be found online at reliable nanny job search sites such as and

Pet-Sitting and Dog Walking
Offer up your pet-sitting services this summer when you are off from school. When pet owners are away on vacation, they may be in need of someone to come into their home to give their pets some attention, to feed them and to change their litter boxes. Pet-sitting may also be done in your own home if desired. Advertise your pet-sitting and dog walking services online as well as on bulletin boards in your area.

Neighborhood Jobs
Hand out fliers around the neighborhood advertising your odd-job services. Work for yourself and mow lawns, wash cars, or house sit for those around the neighborhood. You can also find these types of odd-jobs through classified ad websites and newspapers.


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