Should I Buy a New or Used Car, and What are the Advantages?

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Trying to decide between a new and used car? It’s a challenge we all face when it’s time to buy a new car and the decision can be a difficult for a number of reasons. Since there are so many pros and cons to either buying new or used, we have decided it would be best to lay it all out for you!

Advantages for buying new:

  • Less maintenance: A brand new car will require much less physical work than a used car, especially at the beginning. Over time, your car will obviously have to have some tune ups, but you’ll be getting a much smoother experience.
  • Appeal and peace of mind: Let’s face it, having a brand new car just feels better. You get everything brand new without any apprehension that there’s something wrong with the motor or anything else.

Advantages of buying used:

  • Price: This is obvious, but cannot be ignored. If you’re to stay on the cheaper side, going used is a solid option especially if you can find a good deal.
  • Reliability is improving: Buying a used car was at one point a risky move, but not anymore. These days, dealerships are required to sell cars that are well-maintained without having any mechanical issues. However, always ask for the Carfax of the used vehicle you’re looking at; it will give you a history of ownership and any accidents it was involved in.

When it comes to buying a new car, you have a lot of options before you, but we really hope that you give us a call when it comes time to update your car insurance with whatever vehicle you decide to purchase!

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