Shaving In Memory Of A Loved One

All, Living Adventures     by Chris Wenning

Eight years ago on 3-15-2009 my mother, Pamela Wenning, lost her battle with cancer.  There have obviously been so many moments filled with grief since that day, but we all realize how lucky we were to have such a caring and selfless mother for as long as we did.  We were truly blessed!  There is one tradition that still connects me with my mother and her battle with cancer that I try to carry on today.  On March 15th of just about every year, I shave my head in honor of my mother and her long and hard fought battle with cancer.  When mom first started her chemotherapy, which infamously causes someone to lose their hair, she was so concerned about how she was going to look.  It was at that point I decided I was going to start shaving my head in support of my mother.

She loved it and that is why I try to carry on that tradition to honor my mother.  My hope is to also bring some awareness to cancer and to let those who continue to fight, who have survived the fight and those families that have lost loved ones know, they are not alone in their battle.  RIP MOM 3-15-09


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