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There is a new trend in insurance that you might find quite surprising!

Would you guess that home ownership is at it’s lowest level in 50 years? Renters Insurance - Ohio InsuranceAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, homeowners have decreased by 22,000 while renters have increased by nearly 1 million, JUST from 2015 to 2016! With that statistic, it should be alarming that only about 31% of renters carries renters insurance. As a renter, you might be thinking that it is your landlord’s responsibility to carry insurance and you don’t have much “stuff”. Well, they can carry insurance for the structure and their personal belongings, but they are not responsible for your belongings or liability.

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In 2015, $3.6 BILLION (yes with a B) in personal property were stolen from residences. Renters insurance would cover the loss up to the personal property amount you insure.Let’s say that the area suffers a natural disaster and you need to replace EVERYTHING you own. On average, that could cost upwards of $30,000. If you had renters insurance, your personal belongings would be covered. What if somebody slips and falls in your kitchen? Renters insurance would cover their injuries up to the limits of your policy. What if you own a dog and it gets hit on the road or bites someone? As the owner of the dog, you are liable for the car repairs or injuries suffered. Renters insurance would cover the loss up to the limits of your policy. If you damage other units in your building, maybe you leave the oven on and start a fire, your renters policy could come into play for repairs to the building that you could be asked to pay for after repairs are done.

Renters policies are reasonably inexpensive because you do not have to cover the structure you live in. We also see some discounts that could be applied to an auto policy if the renters insurance is with the same company that insures your auto. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to cover your “stuff”?!

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Yours truly,
Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist



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