#PreferredMovement Making A Difference Award: Dan and Theresa Lennartz

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Dan Muhlenkamp

Dan and Theresa LennartzAwarded By: Amy Wendel 08/21/14

Dan and Theresa would give anyone the shirt off their backs. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen both of them give of themselves (and of their checkbook) again and again asking nothing in return.  Just in the past year, they both served as chair people of the local Mud Run raising thousands of dollars for the Mercer County Cancer Association and the Fort Recovery Jubilee raising thousands for Fort Recovery.

Presently, they are the parents of two young foster kids adding to their family of three kids of their own. They are in the process of adopting the two children never blinking an eye to the adjustment their family has had to make since getting the kids on Christmas Eve, 2013.

I have actually had to keep certain community needs from their knowledge knowing that if they found out, they’d write a check immediately. In this day and age, it’s pretty rare to witness such philanthropy from a young couple. I am proud to say I’m their sister and want to be a better person witnessing their giving attitude.


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