#PreferredMovement Making A Difference Award: Sue Bills

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Dan Muhlenkamp

sueAwarded By: Margie Hoops 07/28/14

Sue Bills is an unsung hero at Coldwater Exempted Village Schools. She has been the guidance counselor in the elementary, high school and now middle school buildings. I had the honor and pleasure of working with Sue for seven years and during that time I have not met a more selfless, caring individual. She gives her time, often her money, and most of all her heart to any child that reaches out for help.


It doesn’t stop there. She has many students who have left CEVS but still come to her for guidance and support. She is an active member of Kiwanis and is a big sister to two little girls in Coldwater. She is devoted to her family and would do anything for her friends. I am proud to say she is a former colleague, friend and mentor. She taught me that not all of our children in this community have it easy and many lessons on how to help them. I have become a better person knowing Sue Bills.


Thank you Sue.
Margie Hoops



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