#PreferredMovement Make A Difference Award #2 : Margie Hoops

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Dan Muhlenkamp

Margie HoopsAwarded by Dan Muhlenkamp 07/22/14

Margie Hoops has been very special to my family for many years. When my boys were very young (they are now 24 and 22) my wife Susie took them to the public library often. So many times when we arrived Margie had already pulled books off the shelf just for my kids! She knew what they liked and what level they read at. She was always challenging them and attempting to expand their interest.

On more than one occasion she also had a book for Susie or myself. I was always reading self-improvement books, so she would sometimes give me a novel and tell me to lighten up. I particularly remember one novel called “The Codicil”, which I did thoroughly enjoy.

Thanks Margie, you made us all feel very special, and definitely made us better read!

Dan, Susie, Zach, Caleb and Alexis Muhlenkamp


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