#PreferredMovement Coldwater Community Picnic Selfie Challenge

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Dan Muhlenkamp

Kevin Webe Erin Seitz Jenny SeitzKyle Ahrens Pond Koozie

Ok, this was a fun one and I made a tabulation error so I decided to give 2 roasters of wings away.  The first goes to a trio that posted a picture in t-shirts:  Jenny Seitz, Erin Sechiel Seitz, and Kevin Weber (sporting a sexy belly peep version).  The second goes to Kyle Ahrens for the classic relaxing by the pond picture set.  I have your gift certificates here at the office.  Let us know when you can stop in and pick them up.

koozieColdwater Picnic is always a good time with good friends and family, so let’s be sure the world knows about it.  Preferred Insurance has about 7,500 koozies to give away and we’ll do our best to make sure you get one.  Now you take a selfie with the koozie (a pink t-shirt will be a plus) and blast it out on the social media world with the #PreferredMovement hashtag.  If you want to be sure I find you, use @PreferredInsCtr on Twitter and tag Preferred’s Dan Muhlenkamp on Facebook.

The person who gets the most likes, retweets, and +1 (I’ll do my best to keep track) wins a roaster of Flamingo Wings (don’t worry, it’s just a name) from McSobers for their next party.

Now pay attention to the rules!

  • We reserve the right to ignore anything we think is inappropriate.
  • We’ll pick the winner Friday August 8, 2014
  • Facebook is not responsible for anything to do with this so leave them alone.
  • “Brownie Points” for post that involve a good deed or special moment.
  • BE NICE, PLAY FAIR… You know, all the stuff you learned in kindergarten.


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