The Nick Legg Memorial Fund

All     by Stacy Lochtefeld

On December 15th we lost beloved family member & friend Nick Legg. Please support his family by lifting the burden of funeral expenses.

Nick Legg was a devoted father, a caring brother, and a loving son. He had big dreams for himself and his family. But on December 15th Nick died under very unfortunate circumstances. Nick had a bright personality. He lived his life with vigor and without judgement. He was head over heels in love with his son and took his role as a father very seriously. We can hardly begin to comprehend our loss and are utterly heartbroken at the thought of it. Even as we grieve for Nick, we must also think about the logistics of dealing with his death. The money raised with this fundraise will help lighten the heavy burden of funeral expenses for his family. Any money raised beyond funeral costs will be put towards a fund for the benefit of Nick’s son Kashton. Please give what you can so that Nick’s family can focus on grieving and healing this Christmas.

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