Mixing Business and Friendship….Fantastic

All, Get Involved, Preferred Movement     by Dan Muhlenkamp

pt829_two_blue_stickmen_handshake_puzzle (1)

Last week I was treated to one of the best business days of my life.

  • Did I sell a huge account?   No.
  • Did a company give Preferred Insurance an award?  No.
  • Did I get a big bonus?  No.

Someone I’ve known only a couple years took me to lunch.  He is a very successful “guide” (for lack of a better word) for a very successful Ohio business.  He told me I was one of a “handful” of business associates he also considered a true friend.  I was touched, but didn’t adequately show it.  We talked a little, and then got our meals, and he prayed before we ate.

I don’t think he had any idea, and that is my fault, how much what he did with me that day meant to me.  This person is just a little older than me, but far more accomplished.  But more importantly, I know that he had personally had a very rough year.  Several family members had passed away, both timely and untimely.  Through it all, David was …David.  Not just keeping his commitments, but inspiring people through his family’s testing.

I personally have won vacations, awards, and had a lot of people pat me on the back in the last couple years, and I appreciate it greatly.  But for David to call me a friend, that was a truly huge moment for me.  It wasn’t dependant upon reaching a goal, or making a benchmark, or being the best at anything.  It was just someone I admired choosing me for no reason at all.

So lets all remember to say those small kind words we assume someone else already knows.  Lets find a handful of people that are special, and then tell them they are special.  Let’s take the time to put friendship and work together…maybe it will stop being work and become a little slice of heaven.  Thanks David.



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