Keeping Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

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lil babSudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby usually during sleep. By following and sticking to a few simple rules, parents everywhere can ensure their babies are sleeping safe and sound.

1.) Always place a baby on his/her back
Always make sure to place your baby “Back to sleep”. When a baby sleeps on it’s tummy there is a possibility the baby can suffocate if he/she can not turn their head to the side. Tummy sleeping also increases the possibility of the baby “re-breathing” its exhaled air instead of fresh air and not maintaining enough oxygen, thus increasing the risk of SIDS.

2.) Avoid all soft items in the crib
The only thing you should have in the crib is a fitted sheet. Pillows, stuffed animals, sleep wedges, etc. pose as the same suffocation hazards as pillows. 

3.) Use a firm mattress 
Soft baby crib mattresses can cause your baby’s face to sink into the mattress if he/she turns over mid sleep.

4.) There shouldn’t be more than a soda can’s width between crib bars
This rids the risk of the baby falling out of his/her bed.

5.) Do not sleep with baby in your bed
Suffocation is again the number one issue but when sleeping with your baby, you could also roll over onto him/her during sleep. For a newborn, you can attach a co-sleeper to the side of your bed. It connects the bassinet to the side of the bed for safety with no gap in-between beds. 

6.) Do not over-clothe
Over clothing your baby could cause him/her to get overheated.

Following these rules can reduce the number of infant deaths that occur from SIDS each year and also ensure your baby is sleeping safe and sound!

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