John Maxwell: Weeks Seven and Eight

All, Business, Living Adventures, Success Solutions     by Andrea AbouJaoude

We have a lot to cover in the past few sessions! In this summary, we will be going through the four chapters we went over in weeks seven and eight. They actually flow into each other pretty smooth which makes implementing them a little easier to practice. We will be going over laws 13-16, the laws of Picture, Buy-In, Victory and Big Mo.

The Law of the Picture, started by taking a look at the HBO series A Band of Brothers. In the real life version, a company in the army was preparing for the invasion of Normandy and had a terrible leader who would berate the troops to the point of them taking bets on who would be the first person to shoot him in the battle. He was luckily replaced but it wasn’t until Dick Winters stepped up as lead in command that the company was successful. He was a true leader and embodied The Law of the Picture because he led by example and was always out front encouraging his men. He was able to get a following because his men respected him and would do as he told them out of that respect. The amazing thing about Dick Winters was how selfishly he went about it. The Law of the Picture is all getting people to follow you but they have to trust the motivation and respect the leader in order for that to happen.

The Law of Buy-In shows what happens when a leader is able to get the people to follow, or buy-in, to what they are trying to get across. The example we read about was Gandhi and followed his story of how he was able to get a large amount of the Indian population to buy-in to getting their independence from the British. He led by example and by getting the people to buy-in, they were able to be more effective because they were all “fighting” the same way. He was a huge believer in using non-violence against the oppression they were seeing and that idea has lasted generations. The quote that stood out to me in this chapter that really explained The Law of Buy-In was: “The leader finds the dream and then the people. The people find the leader and then the dream. A leader is going to follow their dream no matter what, but a great leader will be able to get people to help them achieve that dream.”

The Law of Victory began with the quote “leaders find a way for the team to win” but what they failed to mention was NO MATTER WHAT! I first thought that the chapter would be about great coaches of sports teams that have gained a lot of success. I was mistaken. We were taken back to Great Britain in the 1930s and 40s and introduced to their leader, Winston Churchill. We have all learned about WWII and all the leaders that were involved, but I was never given the pleasure to actually hear Winston Churchill speak until Dave was kind enough to play us a sample of one of his powerful speeches. The words from that speech that really rang true were, “What is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory – victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” We have all felt victory and defeat at some point or another but I don’t remember the last time I was inspired by a victory that Winston Churchill portrayed. Living The Law of Victory means doing whatever it takes to bring your team the success they deserve and are going to help achieve.

The Law of Big Mo, or Momentum, has really come alive for us here at Preferred lately. We have laid out ourplans as a team and in starting to reach for them have found that momentum is really starting to take over. “Momentum is like a magnifying glass; it makes things look larger than they really are,” which can sound a little alarming but momentum is actually easier to steer than to start. We are really lucky here to have partners that are willing to listen to all of our hopes and dreams and allow us the opportunity to reach for them. We were also given the example of Pixar films and the person who made the first film was with Disney previously but was not given any chances. After a tough 20 years, and the success of Toy Story, momentum started to take over and the rest, as they say, is history. Understanding momentum and how it works has enabled us to start using it to our advantage and steer towards the success that we are all striving for together!

In the next review, we will be looking at the next two laws, The Law of Priorities, and The Law of Sacrifice.


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