Is your Home Secure? Ohio Insurance

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In today’s day and age, simple locks on your residence’s doors and a gate around your home does little to prevent thefts and burglaries with advanced techniques and tools used by skilled criminals who can easily slip in and out of a home in minutes. It’s important to update the home’s security every few years to stay current with the latest technology.

Is your home secure? Ohio Insurance

Use Advanced Locks

Inspect the locks in your home and install new ones that have an internal anti-saw pin or an anti-drill feature, which makes it difficult to saw or drill through the lock for expert and experienced burglars. For doors, use stops that prevent anyone outside from opening the doors past six inches.

Install Alarms and Sensors

Many different types of sensors are available that alerts you should window glass break or if a door or window opens unexpectedly from the outside. These often come with alarm systems, which provide extra security and help to alert intruders with external signs in the yard or decals on the windows and doors.

Protect Spare Keys

Many households still leave a spare key under the mat of their home, assuming it’s hidden and difficult to find. However, this is one of the easiest ways for burglars to enter the home and one of the first places they often look. Security experts still encourage people to hide keys outside, but in distinct places that are only known to the members of the household. Place the key at least 15 feet away from entrances, and use velcro to attach it to a storm drain or AC unit where it will stay secure in different types of weather.

Avoid Leaving Items Outside

Toys in the yard or bicycles left outside can tip off burglars who are looking for homeowners who are careless with their belongings and freely trust the public. Keep outdoor toys locked in the garage and clear the yard each week of anything that could be alluring to strangers.

Obtain Insurance

By having a home insurance policy, it will also work to replace items that are stolen during burglaries and reduce the loss that can occur.

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