Insurance and the Lost Art of Customer Service

All     by Andrea AbouJaoude

“It’s a great day at Preferred Insurance Center, this is Andrea, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”

This greeting is repeated several times a day by anyone that answers the phone at this office, and we believe it. I will admit, before I started working for Preferred Insurance, I did not know a whole lot about insurance but I did know a lot about customer service, and in my opinion, I have found it to be a lost art. Not here. The customer is our prime focus because we provide a product that you can’t touch.


Have you been waiting at a register ready to check out and you notice the clerk is wrapped up in a conversation with a coworker, or just not really concerned with you standing there? Just recently I stopped at a gas station for supplies and had an entire transaction without hearing ONE word from the clerk. Not even the amount I owed! I remember walking out disappointed with the service I received, and I am sure many of you have had similar experiences. With technology moving the way it is these days, even calling a service provider (cable, cell phone, or even electricity) to make a change could result in an entire call without speaking to a person. I don’t know about you, but that makes me crazy!

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Now how does customer service come into play here? You are our most important asset! Without you, there is no us. Let’s admit, insurance is not exactly a stimulating conversation starter, I have never been at a dinner table where insurance has been brought up but we are here to help you every step of the way. If you aren’t happy when you are done talking with us then we aren’t doing our job. If you are sick of hearing, “press 0 to speak to a representative,” then might I suggest giving us a call.

It would be our pleasure to assist you! Give us a call today for a fast and easy quote, 419-678-2326. Or Click Here to request a quote online!

Yours truly,
Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist



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