How to Clean Pavers on Your Patio Without Damaging Them.

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alexis Muhlenkamp

Outdoors it seems as if we are always cleaning things. Your windows, patio furniture, and siding are all perfectly clean but there is one job you haven’t done yet is right on the tip of your nose, or rather, under your feet. That’s right! your patio paving probably needs some cleaning up! You might just want to take your pressure washer to it, but that can hurt the pavement by damaging the mortar or spraying out the sand out of your sand joints, which means you’ll need to repack the sand into the cracks. the best way to clean your outdoor patio is simply by following these directions.patio

You will need;

  • Good sized bucket
  • Water
  • Long-handled brush/broom with short, stiff bristles
  • Ultra concentrated Oxygen Bleach Not Chlorine Bleach
  • garden hose

First, you will need to sweep off the area you’ll be cleaning (remove any weeds and moss between paver cracks.) Follow directions on the container of ultra concentrated oxygen bleach and stir in instructed amount of oxygen bleach powder and warm water in the large bucket. Next you should pour solution on to the pavor. Let the solution sit the correct amount of time (the amount of time should be listed on the oxygen bleach container.) After the said amount of time, scrub the area with the broom or brush. Lastly, rinse off the pavor with the garden hose.

That’s how to clean your patio pavors without hurting the mortar or sand joints. To see these directions in more detail go to;

How To Clean Outdoor Brick and Other Pavers


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