How to Check your Tires Tread and Air Pressure

All, Auto, Living Adventures, Personal, Preferred Movement     by Matt House


Have you been giving your tires the love and affection that they need? To help ensure that your tires live a long life, be sure that you inspect them from time-to-time.

First and foremost, are your tires properly inflated? Not only will proper inflation save you money on gas, it’ll keep your tires in much better shape for a longer period of time. To check the pressure, you can pick up a tire pressure gauge at any auto part’s store for less than $10. If you’re not sure what PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) level is correct for your tires, then you can find that number in either your owner’s manual or on a yellow sticker that can be found in your driver side doorjamb or behind the gas tank door. If your pressure’s below the recommended level, fill’er up with air until you reach the correct PSI.

Something else that you should check is your tire’s tread to make sure your tires aren’t too worn down. Checking the tread is simple: just grab yourself a penny, place it heads down into your tire’s tread in a few different areas. If any part of President Lincoln’s head is covered by your tread (over 2/32 of an inch in depth), you should be good to go. If not, however, you might want to look at getting new tires, or you’ll risk the chance of a flat tire, something that only can happen at the worst of times.


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