How to add “Old House” Character to a New Home Cheaply.

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alexis Muhlenkamp

New homes have a strange way of not feeling very “Homey.” This is usually because people have a hard time justifying replacing the new things in the house. This shouldn’t stop you from making your house into a home! If painting those new oak cabinets white will make you happy- do it! Here are a few ways to add an “old home” feeling to a new house easily and cheaply!

Rustic Doors Sliding door

A lot of times, builders will try to save a buck by buying cheaper doors. It is super easy to replace doors with repainted older doors too create a really cool rustic feeling. Or, my favorite, (Though it’s more expensive.) Add sliding barn doors inside your house.

“New” Cabinets 

You can inexpensively re-paint cabinets into a trendy neutral colors, add glass to the already existing doors, or completely take off the doors to create awesome, shelf-looking storage space.

Unique Lights

We all have the generic “boob light” SOMEWHERE in our house, and honestly, they aren’t very fun…. So get rid of them! Replace those lights with unique lighting fixtures that you find a thrift shops or garage sales. Almost all old chandlers and lanterns can be revamped with a bit of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to create trendy, “new” lights.period door knob

Handels, Knobs, and Latches, OH MY!

An easy way to make a desk, door, or cabinet unique is to add period handels, knobs, or latches. Super fun, small pieces that have a major effect on the whole piece.

For LOTS more ideas to bring an old, rustic feeling to your home, visit;


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