Fun Ways to Reveal your Baby’s Gender

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So you’re bringing a little one into this world. We’re dying to know – are you having a boy or a girl? Sharing your baby’s gender with your loved ones is one of the most exciting moments of being pregnant. From glitter, to paint, to silly string, to colored dust, the possibilities are endless when it comes to pulling together a fun, creative way to reveal your baby’s gender. Below are a few of our favorites. Enjoy!

girl:boy cake 1. Gender Reveal Cake

A classic. And one of our (delicious) favorites. A pink or blue interior reveals if the baby will be a he or a she! Fill the middle of the cake with blue sprinkles or candy to reveal your baby boy, or pink to reveal a baby girl. You can also play with this idea and instead just add food coloring to make the cake itself pink or blue. Here is a recipe with instructions for the cake pictured to the left.

There are also an array of fun cake toppers you can add to the cake like this one here. Love cake pops, and want to make those for your guests instead? Here is a fun and yummy cake pop recipe.



scratch to see baby gender 2. Scratch Away Gender

Just like with a lottery ticket, the anticipation is real. This is something that you can make yourself, or order online from a variety of different online stores. Give it to guests at your gender reveal party, or send it in the mail!

Instructions here for the DIY craft pictured to the right.





Painted Hands gender reveal3. Painted Hands

Speaking of sending the big news in the mail, this idea would be great for a card to send to your friends and family’s home. Have the top image showing when they open the card, and when they flip it over… surprise! It’s a boy!





paint4. Have your friends and family spray you with paint

Trying to get a little messy? Want to surprise yourself with the baby’s gender? Have your doctor tell one trusty person the gender of your baby and have them fill water guns with either blue or pink paint. Then have all of your friends simultaneously spray you with the paint. This would be a great photo opportunity like the couple to the left took advantage of.



confetti balloon5. Confetti Balloon!

These gender reveal balloons are black on the outside so nobody has the slightest idea of the baby’s gender. Take a needle to the balloon and out bursts an explosion of beautiful blue or pink confetti!

You can purchase these balloons here.



baseball gender reveal6. Let the dust fly

Are you a sporty fam? Pitch your husband one of these chalk dust filled balls and let the dust fly. Purchase here.

More of a golf family? Make your own chalk dust filled “golf ball” and apply the same concept. DIY gender reveal golf ball instructions here.




7. Let the Balloons Fly

This is a super easy and fun idea. Simply open the box and out fly the balloons. To purchase a decal to put on the box like the one pictured, click here.





We hope you’re inspired! Have fun planning your baby’s gender reveal!

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