Finding Air Leaks in Windows and Doors

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The weather is getting colder and colder with each passing day, and soon enough we will be knee-deep in winter. It’s an awful thought, I know, but it’s inevitable. While the dread of the nearing winter chill is frightening in and of itself, things could be far more terrifying if your windows and doors are emptying your wallets by letting in a lot of cold air into your home. However, you could prevent this from happening by taking the time to ensure your windows and doors are free from air leaks, which you can do by following these simple quick tips!

  • Do a visual inspection: Take a few minutes to walk around your home to see if the caulk on your windows and doors is in good condition. If it’s peeling or cracked, it will need to be removed and replaced ASAP.
  • Hands on inspection: On a day when it’s pretty cold out, go around the inside of your home and move your hand around the outer surfaces of your windows and doors to feel for any cold air.
    • If you feel any cold air coming in through the windows, you likely need to either re-caulk your windows or replace the weather stripping. Furthermore, you might consider injecting a foam sealant in between the frame of the house and the frame of the window.
    • If you feel a draft coming through your door/doors, weatherstripping will be your best bet.
  • The fire approach: This is basically the same idea as using your hand, however I think your results will be more accurate by using either a lighter, a candle or some incense to located air leaks. Again, walk around the interior of your home with any one of the items listed, and look for movement. If the flame flickers or smoke begins to swirl around, you my friend have a draft.
    • Naturally, if you are walking around your home with an open flame, please be careful not to start a fire! The draft that would cause is far worse than the one you stated with, so proceed with caution.

Hope these tips will be useful for you while looking for air leaks in your windows and doors. Furthermore, I hope any fixes you make saves you a ton of dough on your heating costs this winter!

Have any tips of your own? That comments section below is your place to share them with us!


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