IT’S NOT MY FAULT-Why should I submit an auto claim?? By Roger Rindler

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“Not at fault” accident, what if it happens to you? Here’s how we can help and why it’s OK to submit a claim on your own policy.

If you are involved in a “not at fault” auto accident, please report the incident to us in a timely manner. Most of the time we will simply note your file, advise you on what to expect, and the other party’s insurance company will handle However, there are times when the other party does not have insurance or tries to blame you for the accident. That is when we advise you to submit the claim under your own policy, assuming you have the necessary coverage.

You may ask “Why should I do this, it’s not my fault”? It’s because this will remove you from the burden of handling the claim details and after all, you have purchased this service. By submitting the claim you obtain the services of an experience claims specialist, who knows how to handle these situations. This person will settle the loss and get you a payment on your damaged car quickly, (assuming you have this coverage). They will also investigate and obtain the essential information from the other party or their insurance company. It will relieve you from these duties and the associated concerns.

If you have “out of pocket” expenses, such as deductible, that you are entitled to collect, the claims specialist will take steps to get this money repaid. Once again, you don’t have to do the work as the claim specialist will handle.

So if you are ever involved in a “not-at-fault’ accident, please let us know and we will explain all of your options. If you have the appropriate coverage and it is determined that you should submit the claim, don’t be concerned as you will have a “friend” on your side who will relieve you of worry. After all you have paid for this service and we are happy to deliver.

-Roger Rindler




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