Fall Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

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Lawn Care maintenance tips

Americans have a love affair with their lawns. The lawn care industry is $40 billion strong and it shows no signs of abating. Many of us love the soft coolness of an emerald green expanse. Lawns are a source of pride, competition and yes, frustration, for millions of Americans. So, who doesn’t want some nifty tips on lawn maintenance?

Now Is The Perfect Time To Seed

The growing season starts to wane come August, and lawns are well as people are preparing for the shorter days of autumn. Fall is the perfect time to seed. You can do this whether you have cool or warm season grass. Seeding in the fall will give the new grass a chance to build strength before the weed interlopers arrive in the spring to try and take over.

Sharpen The Blades

By the end of the season most mowers have dull blades. A mower with dull blades rips grass as it cuts, and this ripping weakens your lawn. A weak lawn is susceptible to weeds and insect infestation. Don’t have a grinder to sharpen your mower blades? The local hardware store probably does.

Feed Your Hungry Lawn

Think about what your lawn has been through this year. Long, hot summer days, some thunderstorms, a couple games of flag football and maybe even a family reunion. The point is your lawn has been through a lot, and it’s time to reward it with a nice healthy meal. Fertilizing in the fall will help your lawn to green up faster once spring rolls around again.

Give It Some Air

Your lawn has probably been mowed dozens of times. Mowing contributes to thatch, which is the layer of debris that sits on your lawn and chokes it. Dethatching your lawn will allow water and nutrients to reach grass roots instead of sitting on top like they do when a lawn has a lot of undergrowth. You can rent a dethatching mower or hire a landscape company to do it for you.



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