Energize Your Savings with these Summer Energy Savings Tips!

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We’re about knee-deep into summer, and thankfully in our neck of the Ohio woods have been blessed with insanely gorgeous weather so far. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get grossly hot outside as the season begins winding down. Furthermore, because it has been so nice out, it becomes too easy for many of us to become lackadaisical about reducing energy costs due to the comfort, therefore I have put together these energy savings tips to help keep a little extra cash in your wallets this summer!

  • Raise your thermostat temperature up a bit – It’s not an easy to do, but even a degree or two can make a HUGE difference. Also, when you are not home, turn your thermostat up (not off!) so you aren’t wasting your AC on an empty home.
  • Look into ceiling fans – A ceiling fan will help make a room feel much cooler than it actually is, and you can raise your thermostat up 4 degrees without feeling the least bit hotter.
  • Avoid using your stove as much as possible – If you have something you can cook in a toaster oven, on a grill or in a microwave, instead of heating up a big oven, it can save you some money AND keep your home much cooler.
  • Keep your refrigerator full – The more you have in your fridge the better it holds the cold air when you open and close the door. It works just like insulation.
  • Au naturale – There is a lot of natural light during the Summertime months, so try to keep your indoor lights off and utilize that natural light in your home.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs. -They produce less heat, last for a very long time and cost less to use when they are on.
  • Don’t forget your windows – If the evenings are cooler, open your windows and turn up your thermostat, then close all of your windows early in the morning to trap that cool air inside and with you!

I hope we’ve given you a few ideas as to how you can save on some energy this Summer! Here’s to a great rest of the summer, and be sure you enjoy it to the fullest!


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