Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Ohio Auto Insurance

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There are always ways that you can save money on your Ohio auto insurance

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We certainly do whatever we can to ensure you get the best savings as well as the best coverage. However, if you’re out there right now and feeling as if you are paying too much with some other Ohio insurance agency, then here are a few money saving tips for you to consider:

  • Shop Wisely: When picking out a new car, one good way to keep your auto insurance costs down is to avoid that cherry red mustang. The higher profile the car, the higher your rates will be.
  • Arm it: If you do have a high profile car, you might want to consider getting a car alarm. Doing so will lower your auto insurance rates and certainly lower the risk of your car getting stolen. However, if you do get an alarm installed, be sure to inform your agent about it so they can make any adjustments to your auto insurance.
  • Drive Carefully: Nothing will raise your rates faster than an accident or a speeding ticket, and the easiest way to avoid both of these is to drive safely. This includes no texting, driving while tired, rushing around, etc.
  • Location: It’s a fact: living in certain areas will result in higher auto insurance rates, so if you are looking to move in the near future, then take this into consideration. You could save some serious money living in a small town with a low theft rate as opposed to living in a big city.
  • Bundle Up: Do you have your home and auto insurance with two different companies? If so, you can save a great deal of money by combining your policies with one company. in fact, the more policies you combine, the more you can save. Your insurance agent should be able to do this for you. I know we can!
  • Go Old School: A great way to save a little on your auto insurance is to take a safe-driving course. Not only will it make your wallet happy, it will make you a better driver, too.
  • Shop Around: Never settle for just one Ohio insurance company when shopping for auto insurance. Each company will give you very different results and you could miss out on some serious savings. Now, while shopping for insurance sounds about as fun as shopping for shark bites. An insurance agency like, Preferred Insurance Center could do all of this shopping for you as they represent numerous Ohio insurance companies!
  • Keep a clean record: The fastest way to paying more for auto insurance is by getting a OVI (Or Operating a Vehicle under the Influence or Operating a Vehicle Impaired), so please avoid ever drinking and driving at all costs. Not only will it ruin your insurance rates, it could cost you your life.

That should just about cover things for the time being, but please be aware that there are numerous ways to save on your auto insurance. Contact us at anytime to see what we can do for you. If you do have a bad driving record or an OVI and are having trouble getting auto insurance, we do represent great insurance companies. These insurance companies give us the opportunity to save you up to 20% on what you might be paying now. All it takes is a call, and we will be there to help you out.

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