Dynamic Federal Credit Union

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Dynamic Federal Credit Union

(419) 586-5522 | 123 Summit Street | Celina, Ohio 45822

A credit union is a non-profit financial co-operative. When a person joins a credit union he or she becomes a member. Not a customer. Members – not outside investors – pool their savings, lend money to one another, elect officers (Board of Directors), decide key issues, and provide other financial services in a cooperative relationship.

Dynamic Federal Credit Union (DFCU) was chartered in 1950 as Celina Reynoco Employees Federal Credit Union to serve the employees of Reynolds & Reynolds, Celina, Ohio. The credit union was located within the core group facility. In 1996 the Board of Directors began researching ways to extend the credit union’s services to the community. The first step taken was to look at ways to expand services to our current members. Secondly, research was on going to locate a second site and a name change was in order.

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