Checklist for Moving into a New Apartment

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Matt House

Now that you are officially a new tenant, it is time to start getting ready for your big moving day. Packing, shopping and setting up utilities ahead of time can help you get your new life off to a smooth start. Use the simple checklist below as a guide to stay organized and get everything you need to turn your empty apartment into a safe and cozy home.

1. Do a thorough walkthrough of your new space to take measurements and find out if you need to make any repairs before your move-in date.

2. Find furniture that fits your apartment’s dimensions. Consider its layout and size to decide if you can bring your old furniture with you or if you need to replace it with smaller, space-saving pieces.

3. Reserve moving services. If you are moving at the beginning, middle or end of the month, you need to book your moving company in advance to make sure that you get your preferred date and a good time slot.

4. Record your moving costs. Relocation expenses can quickly add up to a small fortune. To make smart financial decisions every step of the way, you need to keep track of all expenses.

5. Save optional purchases until you know how much money you need to spend on necessities. While shopping for apartment decorations is a lot more exciting than scheduling professional movers or buying kitchen appliances, it can easily push you over your budget.

6. Find out if you need to follow any special move-in rules. Your apartment building or complex might have privacy rules to prevent excessive noise during quiet hours or elevators that need to be covered with protective padding.

7. Set up your utilities. Creating an electricity account or switching yours to a new address can typically be done in one day. Cable installation, on the other hand, should be scheduled a few weeks in advance.

8. Get insurance coverage. Renter’s insurance is a lot more affordable than other insurance plans, and it can cover your losses in case of crimes, fires, natural disasters and other emergencies.


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