Cancer Association of Mercer County | Raygen Kramer

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As we all know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. In lieu of sharing just breast cancer stories we would like to shine a light on a very special organization right in our backyards! Cancer Association of Mercer County (CAMC) goes above and beyond to help those in need during their trial of cancer. CAMC was created solely for the purpose of helping cancer patients of Mercer County survive their disease physically, emotionally and financially.

Below Dayna & Ben Kramer share their story of their little girl Raygen’s fight (Raygen Strong) against cancer and how CAMC has aided in their time of need.

Raygen just complained of belly aches often but we thought she was just being a kid trying to get out of something. She had horrible night sweats which we didn’t think anything about it at the time.  Raygen was diagnosed on May 20th 2013 with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  Worst Day Ever. On that night she was doubled over in pain so Ben took her to Joint Township ER.  After multiple test and scans they transferred us to Dayton Childrens. There they did more test and scans to determine what stage she was at.  Since she was 4 and it was in the bone marrow.  It was Stage 4.

We went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy – stem cell resection. surgery to remove the tumors on November 7th.  Following that she had her Stem Cell transplant and radiation.  After all these were completed Raygen was on a new clinical study called Antibody Immunotherapy.  This is another 6 rounds of multiple drugs that help kill off any cancer cells.  They explained it to us as primer and paint.  She would go in 1 week and get the Interleukin (primer) – this would adhere to anything that could be cancer.  The next week we would go and get Chimeric Acid (paint).  The paint would then go to wherever the primer was and attack it and kill it off.  During this time she was on a shot along with Accutane.

Her last set of scan on July 31st showed she was still NED (No Evidence of Disease).  She has another CT Scan set for October 23rd.  If there is nothing new – they will not do the MIBG scan.  They don’t want to subject her to more nuclear med or radiation if they don’t have to.  Just pray they don’t see anything.

CAMC has helped us a great deal.  They helped us with our mileage to and from Dayton and Columbus.  We use wet wipes to wipe Raygens face and hands after lunch and everything – they were more sterile than your normal wash cloth. They also helped provide juices/food that Raygen would actually eat (pediasure – Ensure – Yogurt etc.). Not only did they help with all of that, but they helped reimburse us for her meds that she had to take. They were there for us when we needed it. And for that we cannot Thank them enough.


The Kramers – Raygen – Dayna – Ben & Myla





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