Book Review : Off the Clock | Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done By Laura Vanderkam

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Title: Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done
Author: Laura Vanderkam
1-5 Star Rating: 5 Stars
Review by: Dan Muhlenkamp

Why did you read it?
I was feeling like life and business were very hectic, but not really productive. I also wanted to stop thinking about work all the time, which is really working all the time, and truly get away from work without getting drastically less done.

What did you get out of it?
I was expecting a book about methods, tasks, scheduling, delegating etc. It was not at all like that. It was about thinking differently about time, goals and people. To be sure, it does have concrete techniques, but that is not the true “Gold” of the book. The book is more about making a better life from the time we have and I truly loved it.

List what someone can expect to learn:

  • Learn to “Tend Your Garden” – Take care of you life
  • Make Life Memorable – Time slows down when we are making memories. So how do we make those memories happen in a hectic world.
  • Linger – Making time stand still when it’s important.
  • Invest In Your Happiness – Investing is different that chasing happiness. It’s real
  • Let It Go – Don’t let messed up plans or events mess up your memories.
  • People Are A Good Use Of Time – This was the grand finale for me. We know it’s true, but how do we start to act that way.

Summarize, who would you recommend the book/video/course to? What situations?
Do you wish you had more time in the day (or week or month)? Well , you can’t get that. Every day has 1440 minutes and every week has 168 hours. If what your really want is to get more life out of your time , this is the book for you!  


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