Boating Safety Tips for an Awesome Labor Day Weekend!

All     by Matt House


Looks like we are in for one heck of a gorgeous labor day weekend, so I assume that a number of you will take this three day weekend as the perfect opportunity to get out on that boat for some fun in the sun! With the fall fastly approaching, a labor day weekend spent on the boat is about as perfect a way that a boat owner can celebrate the end of summer with family and friends. However, to ensure you have a successful labor day weekend out on the boat, please take a moment to check out these boating safety tips!

  • Alcohol Consumption: By law, drinking and driving is the same in a boat as it is in a car, so if you plan to party it up this weekend, bring along a designated driver to navigate your boat!
  • Life Preservers: By law anyone under the age of 13 must wear a life preserver, though we highly suggest that everyone who is on the boat also wears one.
  • Insurance: Do you have the proper insurance to not only cover your boat, but the people who are inside of it? You don’t want to be held financially responsible in the event someone was injured on your boat, so check with your insurance agent to make sure you have the right coverage before heading out.
  • CPR: In the event that someone were to fall into the water and come close to drowning or something else bad were to happen, it would be a good idea to have someone who knows CPR on board.
  • Watch Your Speed: What are the speed limits in your region? In general, speed limits in Ohio are 10 MPH, but it could be different depending on where you live or the body of water, so be sure you know what they are beforehand.
  • Light Load: If you plan to have a lot of people on your boat this weekend, make sure that you do not go over the suggested weight/person capacity that is suggested by the boat’s manufacturer.
  • See the Sea: If you are going to be out at night, be sure you take a look at your boat’s navigation lights to ensure they all in proper working order.

That should just about set you up for a fun and safe labor day weekend out on the boat, but if you have any boating safety tips of your own, please share them with us in the comments section below!


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