Always stay focused on what is in front of you…

All, Auto, Living Adventures, Personal, Preferred Movement     by Matt House

There are numerous distractions that can come across our paths throughout the span of our lives. While distractions can be a good way to keep us on our toes, it’s important to always focus on what’s ahead of us, or we might end up missing out on prime opportunities:

This video uses driving references, but it also works as a great reminder that staying focused on what’s important is something that we all must do. Take Preferred, for example: we love to do all sorts of fun and crazy things when it comes to our marketing as well as participate in as many community and charitable events as possible. And I’m proud to say that we always do it with a little extra pep in our step. Regardless, however, that doesn’t mean we aren’t 100% focused on our clients.

When we say “Making a Difference is Our Business,” that covers a lot of bases, including our rates, our service, our attitude, our passion, and our dedication to making our community, and those that surround it, a better place. I would love if you’d consider giving us a shot at being your ‘preferred’ insurance agency and allowing us to show you how we can make a difference for you and your loved ones.

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