A Wedding Dance to Remember!

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Craig Muhlenkamp

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 10.26.23 PMEvery bride and groom will ask themselves these questions…What will people remember most about our wedding? How can our wedding stand out from the 15 other weddings that people will attend this year? Everyone is always looking for a way to make their wedding unique. Pinterest and Etsy can only take you so far! So, why not try a choreographed first dance or wedding party dance?This may seem like an impossible mission (especially if your husband had two left feet), but I’m here to testify that it can be done! With a few simple swing dance moves, your reception dance will be one that every guest will remember for years to come!

At our July 4th wedding, our entire wedding party pulled off a truly amazing and unforgettable choreographed Swing Dance routine. Considering we had several out of towners, a best man with absolutely no rhythm, and a few leery participants, I thought this whole plan could quickly turn into a disaster. The night before the wedding, quite literally at our rehearsal dinner, we taught all five wedding party couples some amazing and fairly simple swing dance moves. I couldn’t believe how quickly everyone was picking up on the routine! Even Steven, the best man, was somehow discovering his inner dance grove. I was beginning to believe that we might actually pull this thing off! After about 45 minutes of practice, we were ready to tackle the Swing Dance routine on the big day!

The wedding day had arrived and the wedding party was called to the floor. The music began and the entire routine went off without a hitch. I’ll never forget seeing 300 guests circled around the dance floor watching the dance in sheer amazement and cheering us on. Every single couple nailed it and we all had an absolute blast! The whole experience was one of our favorite memories of the entire day!

So if you’re thinking a choreographed Swing Dance routine is impossible with your husband or your wedding party, think again. What a great way to make your wedding day unique, fun and different from all of the rest!

Michelle Muhlenkamp


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