7 Easy Steps for Creating your Wedding Guest List

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Annie Mir

guestsCreating a guest list may seem seem stressful,
but it certainly doesn’t have to be! Here are 7
simple steps for creating your perfect wedding guest list.

1. Consider your budget
Before you can decide how many guests you would like to invite, you need to have an idea of how much you are willing to spend on the wedding. Typically two of the biggest expenses for a wedding include food and liquor, which are both per-head costs. Therefore, changing the guest list size is the surest way
to increase, or decrease, your costs.

2. Set a target number
Considering your budget, along with your vision of your wedding day, work with your fiancé to set a target number of guests. Keep in mind, a small budget doesn’t mean a small guest list; you will just have to make sacrifices elsewhere.

3. Talk with the “VIP’s”
Deciding who gets to choose what percentage of the guests can be tricky if one or both sets of parents are involved in the planning or are contributing financially. Share your general vision for your wedding along with your target number, and ask each party to create a list of their desired guests with that in mind. Make sure to emphasize that these lists aren’t final, and there’s room for discussion.

4. Prioritize
Many experts, such as Sharon Naylor, author of The Essential Guide to Wedding Etiquette suggest creating multiple lists. Looking at the lists that you and your fiancé have created, along with the lists you’ve received from the parents, create 3 sub-lists:
List A: Immediate family and close friends. These are people you can’t imagine your wedding day without.
List B: Family members and friends who would be “nice to have” in attendance.
List C: Those you don’t have a strong relationship with.
This will help you narrow your list down (after discussing with all those involved in the planning).

5. Stick with your list
Waiting to see how many will attend, and then inviting others at a later time if there’s space is not recommended. You don’t want to risk insulting your guests when they find out that they weren’t on your “A” list. Especially if you live in a small town, as you know word spreads easily.

6. Consider the Yield
According to data analytics from RSVPify, around 20 percent of invited guests are expected to decline the invitation. Keep in mind though you are likely to have more yeses for a hometown wedding (especially if you and your spouse are from the same town).

7. Get organized and use a collaborative system
To help you keep an organized guest we have created a easy-to-use, free wedding planner which you can download below!

Download MPL Wedding Planner!




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